The company

APERITIVOS CASTILLO, S.L. is a family firm founded in 1994 by Mr. Vicente Castillo Sánchez and his sons, Alberto and Vicente Castillo de las Heras. At that time the original company was called CORTEZAS CASTILLO, S.L., due to the fact that its main product was fried pork rinds. In the new phase of its existence, and with the experience gained since 1975, the company began to produce Pork Scratchings and to market them throughout Spain, transforming a meat product such as pork loin rind into a snack food.

With over thirty years of experience, the company now has modern installations covering a surface area of more than 8,000 m2, and is managed by Mr. Alberto Castillo de las Heras in the post of Director of Production and Development, and Mr. Vicente Castillo de las Heras in the post of Director of Marketing. After making a commitment to innovation as the way of dealing with new challenges, the company now markets 7 products of meat origin, 6 of them snacks: Pork Scratchings, Dried Pork Scratchings, Ham Scratchings, Bacon Rashers, Finest Bacon Rashers, Oven-cooked Bacon Rashers and Pork Rind Flour. Hence the company’s decision to change its name to the more accurate APERITIVOS CASTILLO, S.L.

The products are currently distributed to wholesale clients in the snack foods sector all over Spain. The Dried Pork Scratchings are also distributed in South America, and in over 10 European countries.